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19:11 :: Tue.Mar.2003#235

so Bush feels the US can afford to slash taxes by 360 billion dollars, yet the US can’t even afford to give it’s own troops toilet paper and sunscreen.

0:41 :: Sat.Mar.2003#234

Most honest ad I’ve seen in a long time.

13:28 :: Thu.Jan.2003#232

Jell-O It’s not just for Mormons!

18:40 :: Wed.Jan.2003#231

funny. I remember when the list at .YULBlog was 20 logs or so. interesting.

Another site to check out is monobrow.com. I think it’s great, but I’m biased.

There’ll be a lot of these boring little posts as I go through the site, checking the links, cleaning up.

16:56 :: Wed.Jan.2003#230

I know I stopped the cat updates mid project.

In any case, for those that are curious, the cat is fully toilet trained. There were some hitches, but overall, worth it.

I’ll put up a final video soon showing her going.

log, cat
16:39 :: Wed.Jan.2003#229

So the new site is live.

As always, let me know if there’s any wonkiness going on.

Pleased to welcome Tokyo Todd [my name for him, not his own] to plebestates. Check out his logs from japan. Makes for fun reading.

The cam’s not really online just yet, but it will be soon.

1:02 :: Wed.Jan.2003#228

Very nice. Lego Junkbot

16:02 :: Tue.Jan.2003#227

I like the new business model of Salon.com.
It’s a good idea to have someone sponsor a day pass. Nice to have full access again.
What would be even better is if one could target the ads, at least by category.
I’m sick of seeing the ad for a Benz - as if I’m going to buy one anytime soon.

2:00 :: Tue.Jan.2003#226

be sure to check out googleyes if you’re bored.

It features a big red button, which makes it fun for all ages, as well some other species.

Though this really is a test of the rapid post system. Just some i’s to dot, t’s to cross. You know the routine.

19:59 :: Wed.Dec.2002#225

Well, the site is coming along once more. This is a test post, as I am working out some kinks et al. Some links may still be broken, and please, report any errors.

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